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Class of '28 & '29

Alyssa Hidalgo

Alyssa played very well at “THE SHOW’ Girls Elite 100, she showed consistency on defense and a knack for getting to her preferred spot on the floor to get a bucket when she needed to.  As her athleticism improves she is going to become one of the better players in the class of ‘28.

Jeniyah Wood

 Jeniyah is one of the most athletic players in the class of ‘28.  She flew around the court disrupting the opposing team's offense as often as possible.  Offensively she proved to be hard to guard in transition and showed a nice outside jumpshot.  Very much looking forward to her progress over the next year or two.

Kimora Pearson 

 Kimora is a smooth moving, big guard, with a bag of tricks.  It's rare to see a player with her size, strength, and mobility but she makes it look so easy.  We often caught her creating space with her handle to create for herself or her teammates. As she continues to grow and improve she has a high chance at being a high level player.

Milan Harvey

  Milan played like the slick Philadelphia guard that she is at ‘THE SHOW’ Girls Elite 100.  She plays with a high basketball IQ, able to read plays well for her age and she also has a knack for finding her teammates and creating opportunities for them.  As she grows and adds more size to her game she is going to be a problem to deal with for opposing defenders.

Aailay Powell

 Aailay proved to be the top rebounding presence at ‘THE SHOW’ Girls Elite 100 and one of the best in the country.  It's very rare to find a young player who has such a knack for tracking the ball when it comes off of the rim.  She also displayed an improved jumpshot and ability to create her own shot over the weekend.  Aailay is easily one of the mst consistent players in the class of ‘28.

Annie Gentile

Annie is a true floor general with a sky high IQ, though she is a small guard, she plays with a giant heart.  Her feel for the game is ahead of her time and her poise combined make her a dangerous opponent for anyone.  She showed an ability to get to the bucket and knock down the outside shot. Look for Annie to emerge as one of the top  guards in the class of ‘28 shortly.

Cidney Stanfield

Cidney really made a name for herself at “THE SHOW’ Girls Elite 100, displaying an array of skills that came with a large chip on her shoulder.  She played with such competitive fire while displaying toughness around the basket, an ability to create space to get into the lane, and a very smooth 3pt shooting stroke.  If Cidney continues on her current progression as a player, look for her to be one of the top players in the country.

Jasiyaa Byron

 Jasiyaa is a big mobile forward who knows how to use her size to get where she wants to be.  All weekend she would body up opposing players on offense and defense, showing an ability to put the ball in the basket from inside.  She will continue to grow and improve as she shows a love for the game.

Gianna Sodon- Gianna played a very well rounded game during the weekend; the versatile big made strong finishes on the inside and showed an ability to hit jump shots from 15ft.  Sodon also presented well on the defensive size of the ball using her length to block shots.

Dianny Amaro

 Dianny is a tall guard with a certain toughness that is not easily found at her age.  Over the weekend she displayed high level ball handling, decision making, and ability to create offense for herself. On defense she played well, though she can be an even better defender as she matures.  Dianny, in our view, is on her way to becoming one of the top players in the class of ‘28.

Carle Thomas

 Carle had a great showing at ‘THE SHOW’ Girls Elite 100, displaying an all around game and skill set.  She scored the ball inside and outside and showed a joy to play defense as well.  Very solid player who has the ability to play all over the floor.

Kennedy Broughton

 Kennedy is one of the most polished guards who attended the event.  Her maturity on the floor allows her to play with great poise while understanding when she needs to take over and create for herself and when she needs to find her teammates.  She scores the ball from the outside and gets to the bucket at a high clip.  Kennedy is going to be a problem on the circuit for years to come.

Falla Mbacke

 Falla is a very mobile, hybrid forward who has great size and plays with a very high motor.  Over the weekend Mbacke outworked and out hustled her opponents.  Great while running in transition and finishing around the basket.  We would like to see her improve her outside game to raise her level on the court.

Tyeera Howard

 Tyeera was arguably the best player in the 6th-7th grade division.  Her rare combination of size, speed, and strength were unmatched over the weekend.  Howard finished the weekend as the leading scorer at the event, averaging just under 20 pts per game; and she scored in a variety of ways but she was unstoppable with the ball in her hands, attacking the basket.  In our view, Tyeera is arguably the top player in the class of ‘28.

Jayse Keville

 Jayse had a great showing at ‘THE SHOW’ Girls Elite 100, displaying as all around game; an ability to play inside and outside and a great understanding of how to use her body.  Keville was also great at creating for her teammates racking up multiple assists over the weekend.

Melody Vaughn

 Melody, our one on one champion for the weekend, played with a killers mentality on the court.  She has the ability to sink deep 3 point shots, her deep bag of handling contains a wicked crossover and she is beyond her years with her poise and vision.  Vaughn is showing flashes of being one of the best players in the country with continued progress.

Alivia Green

 “Liv” is a strong guard who also plays with a maturity to her game, always focused on the task at hand.  Her ability to control a game with the ball in her hands was impressive.  Whether creating for herself or her teammates she made great choices on the court all weekend.

Mila Bisset

 If there was one word to describe Mila, it would be “Bucket”.  Mila displayed a high level ability to score the ball all weekend long.  3 point shots, mid range game, or attacking the basket, Bissett filled it up from all over the floor.  She truly put herself on the map with her ability as a pure scorer.

Mahogany Felix

 Mahogany is another player who knows how to score at a high level.  She displayed a knack for creating space from defenders to get her shots off as well as an ability to create for her teammates.  Felix even showed great flashes on the defensive side of the ball.

Leah Dukes

 Leah showed a calm playing style on the court that gets her right where she needs to be at all times.  She displayed a nice outside shot and ability to create space for the shot.  Solid defender using her size and length to disrupt offenses.

Honorable Mention

Mia Natale

 Mia has a very solid weekend as she displayed an all around game on the court.  Possessing great size at the guard position, she was aggressive on defense and always looking to keep her teammates involved in the game.  Natale is a high level 3 point shooting threat when she's left open.

Crystal Thomas

 Crystal had a very solid weekend at ‘THE SHOW’ Girls Elite 100.  The quick and shifty guard made some great plays throughout the weekend, displaying high level ball handling skills and an ability to score the ball from all over the floor.  The most impressive thing about Thomas on the court though, is her highly competitive nature, this young lady wants to win and it shows on every single possession.

Amaya Harris

 Amaya had a very solid weekend at ‘THE SHOW’ Girls Elite 100.  While competing on arguably the top team at the event, while being one of the youngest players in the event, Amaya still found a way to make folks in attendance take notice.  The big guard displayed a sweet outside shooting stroke, ability to drive to the basket, and a passion to defend and disrupt the opposing offense.

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Class of '26 & '27

Peyton Forde

 Peyton had a great weekend of hooping!  The savvy guard played hard and with a high level of passion whenever she was on the floor.  Displaying the ability to score from all three levels and also a toughness that we did not notice previously.  Very deserving of being chosen as a player for the TOP 20.

Gracelyn Carmichael 

Gracelyn was arguably the best player in the 8th-9th grade division!  The forward from Mississippi dominated opposing players around the basket all weekend long.  She rebounded, defended, and scored the ball all at a very high clip.  As she continues to grow and improve, we look forward to watching Gracelyn turn into one of the top players in the country.

Madysen Forde

 Madysen had a very solid showing at the event, as a smooth guard with great size on the court.  She ran the floor very well, and displayed a high level ability to create for herself and put the ball in the basket.  

Layla Wagner 

Layla is a player who plays with 100% effort 100% of the time she is on the court.  Her very high motor allows her to fly around the court on the defensive side of the ball, and that defense turns into offense for her.  The scrappy nature Layla plays with is very underrated.

Amia Rodriguez 

Amia is a nice size guard who plays with a quiet toughness in her game.  She is tough on defense while bodying up opposing offenses and is willing to do what it takes on the side of the ball.  Offensively, Rodriguez displayed an ability to finish while attacking the rim as well as the ability to shoot it from outside.  She is one of the players who benefited the most with the way she played over the weekend, putting scouts, coaches and opposing players on notice.

Sydney Santora

 Sydney is a big, high level guard who had one of the best weekends of all the players who attended the event.  Anytime you caught her playing, she would be dropping sweet assists to her teammates or using her ball handling to create for herself.  Sydney is one of the most underrated players in the class of ‘27 without a doubt.

Maleah Wagner 

Maleah is a high motored player who takes the most pride on the defensive side of the ball; diving on the floor for loose balls or picking up full court, she is a disrupter of all opposing offenses.  Wagner also displayed a solid ability to score the ball, especially from deep.

Zoe Wasserluaf

One word to describe Zoe would be “UNDERRATED”!  Zoe is a high powered scoring guard who plays with a lot of attitude.  As a high level competitor, Zoe kept defenders on their heels all weekend with her deep ball handling bag and ability to knock down shots from the outside.  Zoe, in our view, is one of the top guards in the country for the class of ‘27.

Janae Byrams

Janae had a great weekend as she put pressure on opposing defenses with her constant attack mindset.  She showed a will to defend as well as putting the ball in the basket.

Sidney Smith 

Sydney really raised her profile over the weekend while proving she can be an all around player on the court.  Smith ran the floor very well, finished in transition and even made some nice passes that caught the eye of Main EVent Basketball coaches.

Faith Eatman

 No one's motor and/or feel for the game was as high as Faith Eatman’s was over the weekend.  No one.  Faith is a coach's dream as a player, always willing to do the things that other players were not willing to do.  She was diving on the floor all weekend, defending full court, and cleaning up a bunch of missed shots.  Her ability to draw fouls makes her a very underrated player in her class.

Malia Jackson 

Malia is one of the strongest players in the class of ‘27 without a doubt.  As a mobile big, she displayed the ability to clean up the glass and she ran the floor well.  As she continues to improve her overall skill set, she is going to be a load to deal with on the girls circuit.

Jayla Geter

Jayla was definitely one of the more impressive players over the weekend, displaying a knack for getting to where she wants to on the floor.  Tight ball handling and a smooth jump shot make her a threat all over the floor. Geter also displayed a high level defensive IQ, racking up a good amount of steals and deflections.

Bianca LiBritz

 Bianca also made a big splash by attending the event, as a guard with great size, Bianca continuously made opposing defenders pay attention with the ball in her hands.  Whether shooting from outside or attacking the rim, LiBritz demands respect as an option on any team she is playing on.

Taniyah Monforte 

Taniyah played with a certain toughness throughout the weekend, and we loved to see it.  She is an above average driver with the ball in her hands, great at drawing fouls and finishing around the rim.  She is always in attack mode which proved tough for defenders to handle.

Aliana Payne 

Aliana is a forward with guard abilities and she gave opposing forward fits throughout the weekend with her high basketball IQ and mobility.  Great at using her body to great inside opportunities and proved to be a great screen setter as well.

Alyssa Cowart 

Alyssa played like one of the best “glue” players in the entire event.  She is the kind of player who does not need the ball to affect the game, although she can score the ball and push it with the best of them.  Very solid weekend for the tough guard.

Jordyn Crump 

Jordyn proved to be one of the top forwards at the event using her great strength and mobility to bully defenders on the court. Crump came up with a bunch of big plays throughout the weekend by using her toughness on the inside.

Alexandra Leonard 

Alexandra had a very solid showing at the event as a forward with great size, she got it done from inside and outside.  She also displayed great defensive intensity throughout each game.

Charlize Olmo 

Charlize was one of the biggest surprises at ‘THE SHOW’ Girls Elite 100.  She was getting it done from all over the floor, outside, inside, and attacking the basket, she proved that she can get buckets with the best of them.  Winning the one on one championship was icing on the cake for Olmo.

Honorable Mention

Olivia Hoffman 

Olivia displayed one of the highest IQ’s at the event.  She was constantly creating opportunities for and  finding her teammates. She also played with great patience and made excellent decisions with the ball in her hands, including shot selection.

Zoe Thompson 

Zoe played with a certain competitive fire the entire weekend while keeping opponents on their heels the entire time.  Zoe displayed a high level ability to score the ball and play with continued toughness.  Zoe showed flashes of a very high ceiling and we are looking forward to watching her raise it on the girls circuit moving forward.

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